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“The first step in this divine place, Al-Aaizah, was transformative in itself. I went to the madrasah to register for the two year program, but ended up registering for the six years Alimah program when I experienced the welcoming environment and the cooperation and unconditional love of the staff. The teachers are dedicated and selfless and ensure that we are always comfortable in the madrasah space and in our studies. The essence of tranquillity and barakahs of the place and books is felt seeping into your soul. The books taught are extraordinary and magical, leaving behind a very strong sense of spirituality and emotional well-being. Each day is a step towards enlightenment, with pleasant and mystifying things happening, each carrying a hikmah within. The positive influence of teachings and the learnings here has been extremely beneficial for my self-development in the light of my deen and dunya.”

Umme Roman, 2nd Year Student, Alimah Program


“Beyond everything else, the madrasah has helped me correct myself, my deeds, my approach towards life and to connect to my Creator. I feel spiritually heeled and calm. Madrasah Al-Aaizah has, no doubt, become my second home. The general perception of a madrasah is a place where extremely strict rules and orthodox methods of teaching are followed. However, Madrasah Al-Aaizah is nothing like that. My life changing association with the madrasah began a year ago and I’ve always seen the teachers being very patient, compassionate and so keen on imparting knowledge to their students that they go out of their way to give extra classes. At Madrasah Al-Aaizah, I have met such fabulous women who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Although we might all be of different ages, but we share a deep bond and understanding that is incomparable to worldly friendships.”

Somia Rizwan, Student, 1st Year, Essentials Program


“Attending a bayan by Shaykh Azhar Iqbal db at Madrasah Al-Aaizah was a life changing experience for me and I have been hooked since then. Whatever the accommodation of the madrasah is, the learning space is always the heart. Adab of books, love for Allah SWT and our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, importance of sohbah, is what Madrasah Al-Aaizah is all about. Besides being interested in imparting true and sacred knowledge of ilm of deen, our teachers focus heavily on the purification of the heart and inner reform, with sincere affection to drive their students closer to ALLAH SWT. All this equips you with the sweetness of dhikr, a taste incomparable to anything. The reason behind providing such a strong foundation is to produce women who can not only talk the talk but walk the talk. I am truely grateful that Allah swt blessed me with such an opportunity.”

Sarah Saleem, Advanced Program graduate of Madrasah Al-Aaizah and current teacher


“Getting enrolled in the short Fundamentals Program, was not only a life changing experience for me but it altered my entire perception towards life in general and helped me understand that the actual purpose of life is to prepare ourselves for the life hereafter. My interest in self-development as a Muslim and studying the ilm of our deen was so awakened that I am now enrolled in longer diploma course, the Essentials Program, at Madrasah Al-Aaizah and can safely say that it has become an essential part of my life.”

Rubina, Student, Fundamentals Program & 1st Year, Essentials Program


“In order to get first class Islamic education, Madrasah Al-Aaizah was the perfect place to start with. Studying here has been the best decision I ever made. The madrasah facilities are impeccable, incredibly organized, and the teachers are highly qualified, responsive, easy to communicate with, and very helpful. My 4 years at Madrasah Al-Aaizah as an Advanced Program student have allowed me to reassess the priorities in my life and work for the ultimate success in the hereafter.”

Amber Zahid, Advanced Program graduate of Madrasah Al-Aaizah and current teacher


“The entire concept of giving higher level Islamic education to girls and women with domestic or other academic obligations is novel, but Madrasah Al-Aaizah has proved that it can be successfully done and a second chance to acquire the ilm of deen and transform their lives and live it according to Quran and Sunnah can be given to those occupied with households or worldly education.”

Najia Abdul Shakoor, Student, 2nd Year, Advanced Program