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Tafseer Program

Tafseer Program

An engaging, interactive certificate course to improve dunya and akhirah, made relevant by correlating with modern day examples and discussions about challenges faced by the Ummah in the world today.

DURATION : 3 Years (Shawwal to Rajab)

DAYS: Mon to Fri

TIME: 11.00 am – 12:00 pm PST

SUBJECT : Translation and detailed explanation of the entire Quran

GOAL : Quran is the complete code of life and hence in order to become good Muslims and earn the pleasure of Allah SWT, it is essential to study the code of shariah as prescribed in the Quran. The course has been designed for girls and women who are occupied with academic or domestic obligations to study the Quran in detail and with its barakah, improve their dunya and the akhirah.

SALIENT FEATURES: The tafseer is made relevant to the students by relating the Quran with modern day examples and discussions about challenges faced by the Ummah in the world today. Multimedia and other teaching aides are used to keep the class interactive and engaging. Emphasis is given to grooming the students with tarbiyah and islah.

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