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Super Sunnahs: Sunnahs of Qurbani & Zilhajj & the sacrifice of Ibrahim a.s.

| by Al Aaizah
Super Sunnahs: Sunnahs of Qurbani & Zilhajj & the sacrifice of Ibrahim a.s.
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Al-Aaizah Kids League presents an exciting one day program on the sunnahs of qurbani and zilhajj & the sacrifice of Ibrahim a.s. Stay tuned for surprises by Global Books in this exciting new one day program by Al-Aaizah Kids League! 🎁🌟

This program is powered by the Al-Aaizah Star Volunteers in partnership with Global Books.

Camp Highlights: 🎨🎁🎈
✅ Importance of sunnahs & how to make your life super special with the barakah of sunnah
✅ The divine dream & the sacrifice of Ibrahim a.s.
✅ Lessons from the life of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. & Prophet Ismail a.s.
✅ Sunnahs of Zilhajj, Qurbani & Eid ul Azha
✅ Exciting arts & crafts
✅ Super cute giveaways!

🌟 BONUS 1: Special gift for each participant, sponsored by Global Books to make your eid holidays extra special.

🌟 BONUS 2: Super cute hangings for each participant, to remember Sunnah always.

Date: 📆
July 27th, 2019 (Saturday, one session only)

3 – 5 PM

Al-Aaizah, Bahadurabad

Boys & girls born between May 2010 and Jan 2015 are eligible. Girls born before May 2010 are also eligible. Birth certificate will be checked for verification purposes.

Let’s learn to make sunnahs a part of our lives & benefit from the barakah everyday!

To register:📲
please whatsapp +92-334-3093294.


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