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Our First Ever Winter Camp for Children!

| by Al Aaizah
Our First Ever Winter Camp for Children!


So the seed of this very interesting idea was planted by Somia, our very enterprising 1st year Darasaat-e-Deenia student, and then her contagious enthusiasm caught up with the rest of us too, here at Madrasah Al-Aaizah. Weeks and hours of planning has resulted into this very interactive, very engaging winter camp program for children ages 5-9, with all the details mentioned in the flyer attached here. Please go ahead and share…registrations are open and seats are limited. We request you for duas as we begin this new project, solely for the sake of Allah SWT’s raza and earning some sadiqa-e-jariya for all of us involved.


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  1. S.S says:

    Masha’Allah!! May Allah (SWT) put barakah in your efforts and may He accept Madrasa Al-Aaizah and the efforts of each individual who is supporting it in any way.

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