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Our Complicated Lives & the Seven Steps to Everlasting Contentment

| by Al Aaizah
Our Complicated Lives & the Seven Steps to Everlasting Contentment
Allah has promised ease and contentment for His slaves and does not want to see them in difficulties and anguish. However, shaitaan keeps to his promise and with the complications and stress of modern day life, creates illusions of worldly fears which lead to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional ailments. Depression, hopelessness and psychosomatic illnesses are common. This talk highlights guidelines to make our lives meaningful and attain success in this world and beyond as we search for lasting happiness, contentment and inner peace.

This talk, held on Nov 23, 2017, is a part of monthly guest speaker sessions at Al-Aaizah by prominent ulema for the benefit of Al-Aaizah students and teachers.

About the speaker:
Mufti Usama Sarfaraz is an Alim, Mufti and scholar from Mahd-ul-Khalil and has 16 years of teaching experience in renowned madaris. Since 20 years he is also managing Madrasah Nur-ul-Quran (with branches in Saddar, Gulshan, Malir & Shah Faisal Colony). In addition, he is a khateeb and senior imam at Jamia Masjid La’aiba, Karachi.


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