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Khatam-ul-Bukhari 2019

| by Al Aaizah
Khatam-ul-Bukhari 2019

The event on March 16th began with the recitation of the last few verses of Surah Hashar and then the last hadith of Sahih Al-Bukhari as the last lecture of this great book for the graduating Alimahs and other listeners. As part of the commentary of the last hadith, the beautiful and short azkaar that can be recited daily and weigh heavily on the scale of good deeds were specified.

The bayan gave an insight into the life of Imaam Bukhari RA. It featured how hard he worked to verify, determine a system of authentication and compile the hadith and his struggles in this journey of compiling the greatest book Sahih Al-Bukhari اصح الكتاب بعد كتاب الله , surpassed only by the book of Allah.

From the action and deed point of view, following the hadith is understood to be undoubtedly important but to act upon sunnah is even more important in comparison. This led to an insight inton how important it is to study hadith and at the same time understand the rulings of it through fiqhi masail (theology).

The bayan gave a wonderful enlightment on the life of Imam Bukhari RA, his work and his achievements and his acceptance in the path, how he valued each Hadith and the process with which he completed its narration was something that made the listeners recognize Imaam Bukhari’s piety and His unmatched greatest.

About the speaker:
Mufti Shafiq Arif is Ustaz-ul-Hadith & Member, Darul Ifta at Jamia Binori Town & Mahd ul Khalil, Imam at Bangalore Town Masjid, and teacher, guide, counselor, scholar par excellence for 30 years.


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