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The Glorious Quran & its Uloom

| by Al Aaizah
The Glorious Quran & its Uloom

The real fuel to our spiritual vehicle is the reading, understanding and spreading the ilm of the Holy Quran which is the basis of all Islamic knowledge. As a consequence, the best implication of the Quranic teaching is to act according to it in all spheres of life.

About the speaker:
Maulana Usama Sarfaraz is an Alim, Mufti and scholar from Mahd-ul-Khalil and has 16 years of teaching experience in renowned madaris. Since 20 years he is also managing Madrasah Nur-ul-Quran (with branches in Saddar, Gulshan, Malir & Shah Faisal Colony). In addition, he is a khateeb and senior imam at Jamia Masjid La’aiba, Karachi.


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