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Death – The Reality of Life

| by Al Aaizah
Death – The Reality of Life

Death is inevitable and death is the true leveler. How do we live a life that is fulfilling, embodies our objectives as momineen and leads us to success in the akhirah? Who are the four types of people who are promised death that is welcomed and full of glad tidings of Jannah? Listen on and transform your life and akhirah.

About the speaker:

Shaykh Muhammad Azhar Iqbal (DB) was born and raised in Karachi and travelled to the United States for his undergraduate studies. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and did his graduate studies in Economics at New York University prior to returning to Pakistan to pursue his 8 year study of the Islamic sciences and became and Alim. Currently, Shaykh Azhar is involved in different dawa activities, authored several books and has established institutions of islamic learning for both men and women.


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