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Daura-e-Quran 2020

| by Al Aaizah
Daura-e-Quran 2020
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Translation and commentary of the entire Quran from authentic sources, with emphasis on practical life and spiritual insights.

We prepare for Ramadan in all worldly ways by stocking groceries, wrapping up chores and completing eid shopping, but do we prepare for it spiritually? Do we cultivate the seed of Allah’s love in our heart? Do we water the need for “tauba” in our soul?

This Daura-e-Quran program, presented by the Al-Aaizah Quran Halaqah, online and onsite, will help you sow and cultivate the seeds of love and repentence in Rajab and Sha’ban so you are able to harvest the rewards of rehmat, maghfirat and nijaat from the hell-fire in Ramadan in’sha’Allah.

Ibn ‘Abbas narrates, saying, “The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was the most generous person, and he would be at his most generous in Ramadan because Jibril would come to him every night and he would study the Qur’an with him. Truly, when Allah’s Messenger ﷺ would meet Gabriel, he would be more generous than a fleeting wind.” [Agreed Upon]

Additionally, Imam Bukhari R.A. reports from Fatima R.A. that the Prophet ﷺ told her in the last year of his life, “Jibril used to revise the Qur’an with me once every year, but this year he has revised it with me twice. I do not suspect but that my time has come. And you shall be the first of my household to join me.”

It was the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ to study the Qur’an nightly with Jibril. It was this sort of thoughtful study of the Qur’an that had an impact on the quality of the Prophet’s ﷺ deeds. He was already the most generous of all human beings, yet study of the Qur’an in Ramadan increased him in generosity.

Free | Flexible | Online | Onsite

Duration: 2+ months (ends on 15th Ramadan)
Days: Mon to Thurs
Time: 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM PST
Starting March 9th, 2020
To register whatsapp +92-334-3093294


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