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Creating Healthy Relationships

| by Al Aaizah
Creating Healthy Relationships
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An interactive and informative workshop specially designed for the independent women of today to explore ways of creating,developing and maintaining fulfilling, mindful and empowering relationships with themselves and others and the role of power dynamics in different relationships.

✅  It all starts with YOU. Developing a healthy relationship with yourself sets the foundation for healthy relationships with those around you.

✅ Recognize and define qualities of a nurturing relationship and identify signs of unhealthy relationships.
✅ Discover the various roles people play in your life.
✅ Learn to spot the “red flags” and abusive behaviour and traits in any relationship.
✅ Understand the need to set clear, appropriate and empowering boundaries in different relationships and the importance of creating such boundaries for your own self-respect and sanity.
✅ Learn to listen to your inner voice and the deep whispering of your soul and how to curb the outer noises that is judgements and opinions of others and instead tune into your own well-being,needs and wants.
✅ Explore the key ingredients, tips, strategies, behaviour and communication skills for cultivating and boosting healthy relationships.
✅Ask questions from the panel of experts, dispel myths, clarify doubts, & clear confusions.

📆 Dates: 29th & 30th Nov, 2019 (Fri & Sat, 2 days)

⌚ Time: 3-5 PM, onsite only.

🔖 Who should attend: 
– Women of ages 19 & above.
– Women who wish to learn the secrets of positive and happy relationships.
– Women who face challenges in their daily lives in developing and maintaining    healthy relationships with their family, friends, spouse, teachers or coworkers.
– Women searching for ways to be assertive and confident

– Working women & homemakers.

Maria Ahmed
UK Certified Counselor

10+ years of experience working with women and children
Sana Kashif
Internationally certified women’s empowerment coach, Certified Coaches Alliance, USA & International Coach Federation, USA
Alimiyya, (Mahd ul Khalil)
Educationist, Alimah, Motivational Speaker & Trainer,

B.B.A. (Hons), M.B.A. (Marketing), Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

📲 Limited seats! To register:
Whatsapp: +92-334-3093294


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