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Connected to my Creator

| by Al Aaizah
Connected to my Creator
What Our Students Say About Us

Beyond everything else, the madrasah has helped me correct myself, my deeds, my approach towards life and to connect to my Creator. I feel spiritually heeled and calm. Madrasah Al-Aaizah has, no doubt, become my second home. The general perception of a madrasah is a place where extremely strict rules and orthodox methods of teaching are followed. However, Madrasah Al-Aaizah is nothing like that. My life changing association with the madrasah began a year ago and I’ve always seen the teachers being very patient, compassionate and so keen on imparting knowledge to their students that they go out of their way to give extra classes. At Madrasah Al-Aaizah, I have met such fabulous women who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Although we might all be of different ages, but we share a deep bond and understanding that is incomparable to worldly friendships.

Somia Rizwan
1st Year, Essentials Program


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