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Arabic Program

Arabic Program

Basic Arabic grammar and language so students can develop the skill to understand the Quran while they recite it and increase their chances in the courts of Allah SWT to be among the residents of Jannah in’sha’Allah. The course is available online and on-site.

Duration: 8 months
Days: Twice a week
Time: As per students’ convenience

Duration: 4 months
Days: Every Monday
Time: 3.30-4.30 PM


Arabic is the language of Quran and Jannah and the identity of the people of Quran and Jannah. Hence it is obligatory for Muslims to have some understanding of the fundamentals of the Arabic language in order to understand the Quran and hadith.


Ustadha Binte Ikram is an alimah and completed her six-year comprehensive Islamic study from Madrasah Zainab, an affiliate of Madrasah Aisha in Karachi. She is fluent in written and spoken Arabic. She is currently teaching at Al-Aaizah since 2012, where, due to her training and expertise in Arabic, she heads the Department of Arabic Language and Grammar, with additional responsibilities of madrasah management and administration.

Ustadha Sarah Saleem enrolled in the four-year Dars-e-Nizami course at Al-Aaizah while studying ACCA, and received the Alimiyyah degree in 2014. She is currently serving her alma mater since her graduation and in addition to being the Program Lead and counselor for the newly enrolled first year students, she heads the Department of Online Learning Management System and also manages the social and online networks for the madrasah.

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