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  • Fundamentals Program
    Fundamentals Program
    8 month certificate course covering basics of tafsir, hadith, fiqh, Arabic and tajweed, and serving as an orientation and catalyst towards studying more...
  • Essentials Program
    Essentials Program
    1½ year diploma program (Dirasat-e-Deenia) of the Wifaq-ul-Madaris with emphasis on translation and tafseer of the entire Quran, and elements from...
  • Alimah Program
    Alimah Program
    This rich and comprehensive course is divided into foundational and advanced modules in which students are awarded a degree for every year of study. The...
  • Tafseer Program
    Tafseer Program
    An engaging, interactive course to improve dunya and akhirah, made relevant by correlating with modern day examples and discussions about challenges faced by...
  • Arabic Program
    Arabic Program
    Come, learn the language of Qur’an and Jannah. Basic Arabic grammar and language so students can develop the skill to understand the Quran while they...
    Under supervision of Mufti Shafiq Arif Muslim women today are faced with multiple issues that leave them wondering about their religious obligations and the...
  • Super Sunnahs: Sunnahs of Eid
    Current & Upcoming Events
    Super Sunnahs: Sunnahs of Eid
    Presented by by Al-Aaizah Kids League with surprises by Paradise Books & UHU KIDS CLUB & Faber...
  • Marhaba Ramadan
    Current & Upcoming Events
    Marhaba Ramadan
    Al-Aaizah Kids League presents an inspiring & exciting 4-session Ramadan program for boys 4-9 and girls...
  • Salah: The Momin’s Peak
    Current & Upcoming Events
    Salah: The Momin’s Peak
    Join us as we journey through the words of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ “Pray as you have seen me pray”...
  • Raising Successful Children
    Current & Upcoming Events
    Raising Successful Children
    An essential 2-day, interactive, activity based workshop for moms & teachers, who are responsible for...
  • Daura-e-Quran 2019
    Current & Upcoming Events
    Daura-e-Quran 2019
    Spiritual Rajab & Sha’ban Preparing for Ramadan! Translation and commentary of the entire Quran from...
  • Connected to my Creator
    What Our Students Say About Us
    Connected to my Creator
    Beyond everything else, the madrasah has helped me correct myself, my deeds, my approach towards life and to...
  • Life Changing Experience
    What Our Students Say About Us
    Life Changing Experience
    Getting enrolled in the short Fundamentals Program, was not only a life changing experience for me but it...
  • Purification Of The Heart
    What Our Students Say About Us
    Purification Of The Heart
    Attending a bayan by Shaykh Azhar Iqbal db at Madrasah Al-Aaizah was a life changing experience for me and I...
  • Higher Level Islamic Education
    What Our Students Say About Us
    Higher Level Islamic Education
    The entire concept of giving higher level Islamic education to girls and women with domestic or other...
  • Incredibly Organized
    What Our Students Say About Us
    Incredibly Organized
    In order to get first class Islamic education, Madrasah Al-Aaizah was the perfect place to start with....

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  • Khatam-ul-Bukhari 2019

    Khatam-ul-Bukhari 2019

    The event on March 16th began with the recitation of the last few verses of Surah Hashar and then the last hadith of Sahih Al-Bukhari as the last lecture of this great book for the graduating Alimahs and other listeners. As part of the commentary...Read more